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In Dominican Republic, Dominican and wherever they live, the beauty salon is a big part of the culture. According to the Dominican Times Magazine's 3,250 Dominican beauty salons in the New York metropolitan area, good thing because for our kind of hair Dominican hairdressers are simply the best. For 500 years have gone desarollando hair care techniques based on natural products from our island, and to keep our hair pretty even in extreme heat and humidity! More and more American women, especially African Americans, have heard of the Dominican salons and want to go to test themselves, because the hair is really the same - a mixture of European, indigenous, and African as well as ourselves! The Dominican salons do not use hot irons or corrosive chemicals, have softer hair for your own techniques.

Dominican women have textured hair, which requires a lot of attention! That's why almost all Dominican going to the salon once or twice each week.

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